Get to the beat

I’ve always loved playing the guitar. I know I had to discover it because I wanted to impress a girl but I came to like it because after all, who doesn’t like music right?

It inspired me to dig deeper into the music scene, then I found out about vater. I may not have the equipment right now but it’s a good investment to learn how to play drums. Like playing the guitar, it will teach you how to do the groove and enjoy.

Cover songs

Lately I’ve been listening to cover songs rather than their original versions. I don’t know, it’s kind of awesome to hear better or unique versions of songs.

This reminds me of loop pedal at which is a must for cover song artists especially if they’re going to cover the music accompaniment of a song.

When I think about it I feel how amazing their talents are but yeah, there’s always a thought of how it could be better if they made their own songs.

Plans for music

I probably have blogged about it so many times, but you know, I’ve been planning to buy a guitar for so long! I’ve actually been wishing somebody will give it to me instead (hehe, y’know, wishful thinking!)

However, I guess it’s still best for me to buy on my own with a company who knows how to buy a guitar. So I can choose something I’ll really like!

My girlfriend has a point though, we do have a guitar at home so maybe I should practice first before I take the plunge into buying my own guitar.