No internet no life?

No internet at home, it’s sad. I don’t know it’s just really boring since whenever at home I spend my days streaming videos or movies. The irony is that we just upgraded our internet plan, due to an agent calling up the waifu. But after a few hours of confirming upgrade, internet was busted.

Well, that’s just really bad isn’t it? Also to think a long weekend is coming. Sigh.

Plans for music

I probably have blogged about it so many times, but you know, I’ve been planning to buy a guitar for so long! I’ve actually been wishing somebody will give it to me instead (hehe, y’know, wishful thinking!)

However, I guess it’s still best for me to buy on my own with a company who knows how to buy a guitar. So I can choose something I’ll really like!

My girlfriend has a point though, we do have a guitar at home so maybe I should practice first before I take the plunge into buying my own guitar.

Music just the way I want it

On some days, I can’t seem to work without good music in background. I know the same goes for someone I know, my girlfriend. She can’t seem to invite “productivity” without good music which is why I bought her a bluetooth speaker of her own at their home.

But I think she’ll appreciate it better if I told her about guitar center locations mn. I mean, she’s the music lover here, much more than I am and besides I’m sure she’ll be able to create music the way I want it (one reason why I like her)

It might be worth some time checking those out soon especially these holidays.