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These past few weeks, I’ve been looking into possible new homes around our city. I just realized in the process how hard it is – the effort in looking for the right place, the talking, the walking, the compensation for gas or commuting, and the preparation for the funds and your actual house.

A new home
A new home

The agents are always very good in making you believe it’s the perfect home for your so falling into a trap might be as easy.

Looking for a home isn’t easy peasy as it seems, but I hope that very soon I’ll find a place I can call home.

Dear April,

Your time is over, it’s going to be May now! It has been a fun hot summer with ups and downs – expectations..and whatever more.


What I mostly notice though is how hot the weather has been more in our country. I think it’s like this every year! I hope though it will lessen down next year, or I guess I’m still a winter person. That and just that.

Yesterday, me and my girlfriend was supposed to register for our favorite gym. However, I pursuaded her to have us move it til next, next Friday *evil smirk*

That said, honestly I am not quite ready especially because it’s very tiring. Just think of how I have to go there after a long day of work. I need to get fit though, other than because I am unable to buy clothes selectively like before.

Are you having gym blues too? It’s always a hassle, I wish I was the sporty kind.


PS. I meant to post a picture but forget it, Photobucket won’t let me upload T~T