Music on my mind

I really want to have that noise cancelling headphones like my officemate’s, it seemed really good and timely because my headphone (of 2 years I think) is now broken because the dog ate it, literally.

It would be ideal since hearing music better without other ‘noise’ is awesome. You feel it more and you focus more on things you really like to.

It’d be even better especially if I’d be listening to music accompanied with korg sv1!

But since I just bought a new bike it might take awhile for me for a new headphones…sigh.

Hello new bike

Remember when I posted about getting a new bike? It’s too recent to forget – but guess what, it happened.

Bike Bike Bike
Bike Bike Bike

After some thinking, I finally got one. Getting a new one seemed too expensive so I got a 2nd hand one – price is still expensive, imho.

I still need to get used to it because it has been awhile since I rode on a bike for longer than 5 minutes, lol. I start on Monday and hopefully I end up waking up early than not.

And you probably noticed this is the first legit picture here after so many years, I know. It was worth taking anyway (according to my gf)

So that’s that!


I need to get myself together! Lately, I’ve been gaining weight. Well, can’t really blame myself but I’d like to blame how good food is.

That said, its got me thinking that maybe it’d be a good idea to go buy a new bike.

When I was younger, I went to school on a bike and it was truly good for your health! I guess I just need some physical activity to get rid of the fats and be able to get more abs lol.