No internet no life?

No internet at home, it’s sad. I don’t know it’s just really boring since whenever at home I spend my days streaming videos or movies. The irony is that we just upgraded our internet plan, due to an agent calling up the waifu. But after a few hours of confirming upgrade, internet was busted.

Well, that’s just really bad isn’t it? Also to think a long weekend is coming. Sigh.

Wish I had more time

Don’t you ever wish you had more than 24 hours in a day? I always do. Then again, what choice do we have? It goes really bad especially if you’re bad at managing time and if you’ve decided to go have additional work after your day job and it’s just…so sad sometimes

But, I guess that’s life so we got to deal with it either way. Just enjoy, you know, and hope for the best.

Plans for music

I probably have blogged about it so many times, but you know, I’ve been planning to buy a guitar for so long! I’ve actually been wishing somebody will give it to me instead (hehe, y’know, wishful thinking!)

However, I guess it’s still best for me to buy on my own with a company who knows how to buy a guitar. So I can choose something I’ll really like!

My girlfriend has a point though, we do have a guitar at home so maybe I should practice first before I take the plunge into buying my own guitar.