Plans for music

I probably have blogged about it so many times, but you know, I’ve been planning to buy a guitar for so long! I’ve actually been wishing somebody will give it to me instead (hehe, y’know, wishful thinking!)

However, I guess it’s still best for me to buy on my own with a company who knows how to buy a guitar. So I can choose something I’ll really like!

My girlfriend has a point though, we do have a guitar at home so maybe I should practice first before I take the plunge into buying my own guitar.

Tora’s getting better!

Our little Tora (our baby doggy) has been sickly lately but thank God, he’s finally feeling better!

It’s great to see him be lively again and eating well. It’s really sad when he’s not okay.

As a furry parent, it’s a happy feeling to see your furry baby finally be back to normal. Is it not? Anyway, here’s his picture!

Tora the Hugdog!
Tora the Hugdog!

Happy 10th!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary these last few days, yes days not because we wanted to celebrate it in three days but because it actually does happen in three days. There’s a back story for that which is really funny but, whatever.

A post about how the days went by has been posted here 🙂

Along with that, I celebrate another year with this domain/blog! It was originally bought on our monthsary/anniversary to serve as a sort of love blog. However, just ended up something else. I thought of posting about the event though, just because.